"Flori is an experienced instructor and coach who generously gives each student personal attention. She has a keen eye and meets students where they are on their acting path, guiding us to improve our skills and clarify our goals."


“I am not an aspiring actor.  However, I enrolled in several of Flori’s acting classes to improve my public speaking skills. Not only did I find the lessons helpful, I had lots of fun too. I highly recommend!”


"Flori approaches a project knowing what she wants, yet is open to suggestions from the actors.  She directs her actors with a positive energy and humor, resulting in a well thought out production. I would work with her anytime."



“What a great experience having Flori direct me in the one act at the theater barn!   She really helped me to find the essence of my character.   Visually she created the perfect scene.  The great thing about Flori is her creative insight into the process, her ability to convey that to her actors, all the while being respectful of our talent and time.  Looking forward to working with her again!” 



“Flori is nothing short of amazing! She was my theatre director for 3 years in high school, and her passion and love for the arts is what helped me grow as an actor and become more comfortable performing on stage.  If you have the opportunity too work with Flori, take it!  You won’t regret it!”  



"Flori is a wonderful acting teacher because she creates a safe environment for adult actors to feel secure in making bold choices. She not only teaches the craft of acting but she sincerely cares for the students in her class. She is the perfect blend of teacher and friend."


"When I was a freshman, I decided to audition for the fall play, One Flew over the cuckoo’s  nest. I was nervous and anxious when I walked into the audition, but that was the  first time I met Flori Doyle, who was the director, of course.
From that moment, I think it’s fair to say my life completely changed from that one experience because if it we weren’t Ms. Doyle, I would most likely not be pursuing a career in theatre. Doyle did not only direct but she was my mentor. She motivated and inspired me to pursue acting just as she has inspired so many other students to pursue this type of profession in her many years at Ardsley. After her retirement from Ardsley, I have always kept in touch with her, and she has continued as my acting teacher over the years, for which I am very grateful. One of the great aspects of what she did in Ardsley was building the Drama Club up to be what it now is. The Drama Club has such a strong voice and force in this school because of what she did."



"Flori approaches her work with vision and enthusiasm. As our director, she provided insights into our roles that made the whole ensemble more effective and the show a success."



"Flori is a phenomenal acting teacher who pushes you to connect with your character on multiple levels. She really helps you learn and experience the world of your character so that you can fully play your character’s intention. Flori gives straight-forward feedback that challenges you while maintaining an explorative learning environment. She goes above and beyond as an acting teacher and mentor. "



"Learning from Flori was a pleasure and a monumental help kickstarting my acting career. I recommend her to all of my friends who are looking for a coach, acting class or help in any way with their acting careers."